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created for a reminder of all things that happen in the past

Postgresql Show DB Size

To show db size on postgresql, you can use psql command bellow: \l+ Additional if you want to show table size, you can use this command bellow: \d+ . . . selengkapnya>>

Web Application Security Scanner Framework

https://github.com/Arachni/arachni . . . selengkapnya>>

Python Zoom API

Python wrapper around the Zoom.us REST API v1 and v2. https://github.com/prschmid/zoomus . . . selengkapnya>>

Git Change Remote Url

git remote set-url origin new.git.url . . . selengkapnya>>

Great Music For Focus

The link below is one of the best music compilation for programming and focus :D https://musicforprogramming.net/ . . . selengkapnya>>